Monday, February 9, 2015

HDR Photography

 HDR is something that is able to see dark and the lights.I like it because it make the photos look really cool. it is used for professional photographer's.  

You can create one by going on your camera and go form -3 to +3 get the darkest parts super colorful and the super bright sun just right so you can look at it.

the requirements are make it surrealistic and rule of thirds for superimpose you have to have both of the pictures and a word.  

Friday, January 23, 2015

Movie Trailer Critique

What were the project requirements & did you complete all of them? Why or why not?
Conclude by describing the class critique & if you agree with the results. What did you learn?

Our project was to make a movie trailer, about a movie that we made up or a real movie. On my team the was Nathan Gardner who played Hiro, Leilia Panui who helped us film and edit everything,the effects, & Shanden Matsushima played bay max in the suit. For the trailer plan we had to write a Synopsis tells you what the movie is mostly about the movie is about.I most edited made some names filmed and stuff like that.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


To be honest I am a little bit of both a proactive and a procrastinator because when I have to do the dishes or something I always put it out as long as I can. But when it come to homework in school I get done as fast as possible. The reason that I put aside the dishes is because I have to wash by hand because we don't have a dish washer and it takes for ever to get nice and clean. But for homework I like to get it done as fast as i can correct because after school I like to go home and play games on my moms I-pad like clash of clans. So that is why I am both a proactive person and procrastinator.

The level of productivity relate's to my amount of free time by getting everything done in school means that you don't have to go home and do all this work. So when I get everything done in school I can go home and relax and play some games. Unless it is one of the days I have to go to ju-jitsu I get too relax and then I have to go and get my stuff and leave. So by getting my work done in school all I have to do is go home and read for twenty minutes. And that is why I get to go hame and read then play.

What would I change about my work habits... The first thing would change is who I sit by in class because if I sit by one of my friends I would talk to them to much.  Also I would try to sit in the front of the class. And & I would do it by... talking to my teacher and say that I need to sit in the front. Also that I should not sit me by one of my friends. That is how I would do it and what I would do it.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

My Visual Poem

GarrisonE VisualPoem from Kapaa Middle School MEDIA on Vimeo.

My poem is about water. It includes water falling water on leafs. The visuals are important to include because it makes a sense of what is the things that I am talking about and showing you.

The spacial effects effect it by making it look better. also it can make it look more interesting.and it can cover up mistakes.

I am satisfied with my results because it is really interesting. Also I think that I could have but some more b roll. But other than that I think it is great.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Hiki No Behind the Scenes

Our project is idea going great. Our idea is to Carly Garrison a bikini designer. It started out really well then we hit our biggest road block the tansciptions. After that it was smooth  sailing for our team. So that is how our project is going.

When the camera is not rolling we our pretty much working on our our story doing all the editing and stuff like that. Also we work on our blog talk about the voice overs. Think of ideas for the b roll. Also we work on the b roll on the computer. The last thing that we do is cut the voice overs up and put them in the right spot.

One of the things that could help them by getting better b roll.  The b roll makes the  story.  B-roll is really important to the story.the b roll is important because it helps cover up all the cut that we make the story look good. That is pretty much the only thing I could help with.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Lessons Learned

Describe the most interesting part of your project.
Explain the biggest roadblock your team handled.
Discuss the most valuable part of filmmaking process.
Upload 1-2 original images to add visual interest.

The most interesting part about our project is getting to go and film all this amazing shots outside of school. It is so cool because its not adults making this really interesting films its students at our school. The have to go and use there own time to film this amazing shots they cant just go and do it in school because it not what the project is about. Also it is cool to see what other students are doing because it gives us some thing to do and not to do. So that helps a lot of students with how to make there's better.

The biggest road block that the team handled was getting the transcriptions done because we didn't know how to.SO it took us a long time to figure them out.  After that we did that we didn't have any more problems. They way we over came our biggest road block is by seeing how other people had done them to. And that had helped us big time. That was the biggest road block with my team    


Monday, August 18, 2014

Back To School

My favorite moment in school so far is getting to go and do the water color wheel in Mrs. Sanderl's classroom, because you get to go on the pottery wheel,you tape a paper to the wheel, then you start it up and paint it.

My biggest challenge so far was having to figure out the schedule for this year because it was all messed up, it is so messed up because it is never the same schedule any day of the week so you  have to memorize and that is pretty dang hard. 

I will be successful this year by  turning in all my work and turning it in on time not late having to do that you have to do that night not when you feel like that because if you do it when you want to you don't turn it in on time and that makes your grade drop and it drops fast.